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NOVEMBERS DOOM Sign With The End Records

July 3, 2004

The End Records is proud to announce that they have signed a wordwide deal with NOVEMBERS DOOM. Hailing from Chicaco, Illinois, NOVEMBERS DOOM have established themselves through the years as one of the top doom acts in the world and possibly the most prominent one in North America. The initial release will be a re-issue of the last full length, To Welcome The Fade. It will contain a bonus CD with unreleased material such as live songs from our tour with THE GATHERING, the entire and long out-of-print EP, For Every Leaf That Falls, as well as some other possible surprises. Look for it in stores this October.

The writing process for their fifth full length CD is complete, and will be recorded in October 2004, for an early 2005 release. The early plan is to once again utilise the talents of Grammy winning Neal Kernon for the final mix of the CD. Entitled The Pale Haunt Departure, it will contain 8 songs, at close to an hour of music. Tracklisting in no specific order: “The Pale Haunt Departure,” “In the Absence of Grace,” “Dark World Burden,” “Swallowed By The Moon,” “The Dead Leaf Echo,” “Through A Childs Eyes,” “Collapse of the Falling Throe,” and “Autumn Reflection.”