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OCEANO Cancels Tour Due to Van Accident

January 19, 2009

OCEANO guitarist Andrew Mikhail and bassist Jason Jones were involved in a van accident over the weekend. Both members luckily limped out of the accident with minor injuries, however their van and the trailer that was attached to it had flipped and is need of repair. With no means of transport for the band and their gear, OCEANO was forced to cancel their dates with XLIFERUINERX and THROUGH THE FIRE.

The band made a post on their MySpace blog about the situation:

“Today OCEANO has suffered a major loss, guitarist Andrew Mikhail and bassist Jason Jones were in a terrible accident this morning while picking up the band’s new van and trailer from Belvidere, IL. Nearly 10 minutes of completing sale they were headed back home to pick up the rest of the band, and get back on the “sinner’s reward” tour in due time. Unexpectedly the van flipped into a ditch on the side of highway. As Andrew was driving along with the empty trailer attached, it was hit with a hard wind thus pushing the trailer out of alignment with the van. While trying to maintain and keep the van steady from merging into other lanes of traffic, the van spun out of control, hit a patch of ice, and flipped out of traffic and into the ground. Considering the urgency of trying to find transportation in due time (with mix-ups with money transfers, etc.) in order to get the van and get back on tour, the van was not “road ready” JUST YET (aka new tires, etc.) which made this week to be one hell of a week for us.

“Thankfully, they limped out of the accident fine (SORRY LAMBGOATERS) due to people being ‘good citizens’ and helping them out of the van.

“We have cancelled our appearances on the sinner’s reward tour with XLIFERUINERX and THROUGH THE FIRE and HOPE to be back on the road in time for the TPTD/CATALEPSY tour on 1/28. We’d like to apologize in advance for any inconvenience to anyone who wanted to come out and rock out with us on the SRT. We’ll be hitting the same areas on the TPTD tour, so hopefully we’ll see you there!

“As some of you may know, towing a vehicle (let alone, TWO NEWLY purchased ones) can be pretty damaging to the pocket. Not to mention, to add insult to injury, fines and repairs for the accident to pile on top. We’d like to ask you guys for your help in this time of need, if anyone can paypal ANYTHING to us to help out in the “relief” of this situation, it would be GREATLY appreciated. Donations can be sent via PAYPAL to Please help us in our time of need! much thanks, much love, much respect, and dont forget to wear your seatbelts =] see you guys soon! -oceano “p.s. we’ll never die.”

You could also bring a donation at OCEANO’s *FREE* Depths listening party tonight in NYC.

OCEANO Depths Listening Party Monday, January 19th 9PM Lit Lounge 93 2nd Ave. NY, NY 10003 Free admission This is a 21+ event