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OLD MAN GLOOM Done With Christmas

July 17, 2004

OLD MAN GLOOM, featuring members of CAVE IN, CONVERGE, and ISIS, have just finished their fifth release, Christmas. The album details “man’s myriad gifts to Mother Nature and the incalculable repercussions thereof.” Christmas is currently available for pre-order at the Hydra Head webshop.

1. “Gift
2. “Skullstorm
3. “Something for the Mrs.
4. “Sleeping with Snakes
5. “Lukeness Monster
6. “‘Tis Better to Receive
7. “Accord-o-matic
8. “The Volcano
9. “Close Your Eyes, Roll Back Into Your Head
10. “Girth and Greed
11. “Sonic Dust
12. “Valhalla
13. “Christmas Eve parts I, II, and II” (alt. version)