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July 1, 2003

ONWARD have abruptly called it quits after being let go by Century Media Records, according to guitarist Toby Knapp. “With dignity, I announce the disbandment of ONWARD,” said Knapp in a posting on the band’ official website. “In the last few years I’ve become a person who believes struggle and adversity are not necessary. Life unfolds naturally and I don’t interfere with fate. Once you find yourself swimming against the current, you are on the wrong river. Now, a series of events sees ONWARD swimming against the current.”

Vocalist, Michael Grant, however, presented a more detailed exlpaination as to why the band has chosen to disband:

“I’m here to back up and to clarify Toby’s statement. As always the fans who buy our records have a right to know what the hell is going on. Yes the band is going to lay low for a while. Ya see, what happened was this:

“Only a few weeks before going into the studio to record the finished version of [new album] The Neverending Sun, our financial backers (Century Media), who by the way greenlit the record’s go-ahead, abruptly and without warning pulled the plug and released us from our contract. This, after many days of hard work and preparation for the recording, I still don’t know why. Century Media says they have nothing against us personally or music-wise.

“It is my personal opinion that Century Media are in some financial trouble. They are well respected for investing in bands for many records before making a decision on whether they break the bank or not. I still thank them for their hard work and cool people whom they employ.”

While the status of the band is clearly in an inactive state, whether or not ONWARD is completely over is yet to be seen. The band will be releasing the demo of what would have been their third album, The Neverending Sun, along with bonus tracks as a “temporary farewell” to fans. The CD will soon be available for a scant $6 via the band’s website.