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Paul Bostaph Joins TESTAMENT

February 16, 2004

TESTAMENT have announced that veteran drummer, Paul Bostaph (ex-SLAYER, FORBIDDEN), has officially joined the band. This is not Bostaph’s first stint with the band as he filled in for the departed Louie Clemente in 1993 to help out with touring duties. The band is currently working on material for the new album and have been rehearsing for the past few weeks.

Here is what the band had to say via their official website:

Paul Bostaph: “I am very excited to be doing the new record and upcoming tour with TESTAMENT. I have always been a fan of the band and respect their music. I had a blast the last time I jammed with them, and look forward to doing the record and more fun!”

Chuck Billy: “Sorry for the length of time between posts. It’s definitely time for a TESTAMENT news update! We just completed construction on a recording room in our new studio. Everything is set up, and it is full steam ahead. After completing the studio and starting rehearsals with Johnny Tempesta, we got on a roll, but it was getting tough with the distance between L.A. and The Bay Area. At that point we knew we needed someone full time, and that is how Paul came into the picture. Paul was even Johnny’s first recommendation. Johnny is still part of the family, and he knows I wish him well with HELMET. We’ve jammed with Paul before, and knew it would be killer if he could commit. After getting in touch with Paul, within a week he was set up, and has been rehearsing ever since. Things have been progressing quickly and amazingly. He is steam rolling through the old material and just as pumped as we are to be writing the new stuff. We have full confidence that it’s gonna be KILLER! We do have shows in March and Europe in June. Our goal is to have it be recorded by the European tour in June. We have about 6 songs and Eric has a lot of great riffs that he and Paul are putting together. It feels good to have new songs, a new studio and a great vibe when we are jamming. Now that things are flowing, you’ll be hearing from us more often!”

Eric Peterson: “The first time we jammed with Paul Bostaph was when we parted ways with Louie Clemente. We had to find a drummer the day before the first show in the States. Although Paul had just joined SLAYER, he was able to do a month-long tour with us, and pulled it off with finesse. The tour with Paul resulted in a live EP called Return To The Apocalyptic City. I look forward to working with Paul on the new record as his style fits perfectly with old-school melodic thrash.”

Steve Smyth: “It’s good to be working with Paul again. I had a fun time jamming with him at Thrash Of The Titans with FORBIDDEN EVIL. I’ve always had great respect for Paul’s playing, and look forward to doing the upcoming shows with him and much more.”