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PELICAN Working On New Full-Length; New EP On The Way

March 20, 2005

PELICAN recently finished work on their upcoming full-length, The Fire in Our Throats Beckons the Thaw, which is scheduled for a June release date via Hydra Head Records. Following the album’s release, the band then has plans to immediately tour Japan and canvas the U.S. with other Hydra Head labelmates.

The band provided the following details on the new album:

“Countless pizza and Thai orders, incredible amounts of analog tape, enough farts to power a small town, an endless drivel of childish jokes and hours of guitar noodling…the new PELICAN full length is now complete. It was recorded in February with Greg Norman, the “other engineer” at Electrical Audio in Chicago ( Electrical Audio is the shiznit for analog recording, and it has hosted HIGH ON FIRE, NEUROSIS, LOW, and THE EX, among many others. The album is tentatively (read: most likely) titled The Fire in Our Throats Beckons the Thaw. It is an hour long and comprises the following tracks: “Last Day of Winter,” “Autumn into Summer,” “March to the Sea,” “Red Ran Amber,” “Aurora Borealis,” “Sirius” and an untitled acoustic song.”

In other news, April will see the release of PELICAN’s March into the Sea EP. The ep contains an expanded, 20-minute long version of the track, “March into the Sea,” (the version that will be on the full length is 10 minutes) and also features a version of “Angel Tears” remixed by Justin Broadrick.