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Posthumous OPPRESSOR Anthology to be Released November 3rd

September 21, 2009

Mortal Music and MVD Audio are proud to announce the release of OPPRESSOR’s The Solstice of Agony and Corrosion on November 3rd worldwide. Despite being listed as an influence by such renowned metal acts as GOD FORBID and SHADOWS FALL, the Chicago, IL-based OPPRESSOR largely fell under the metallic radar during their years as an active band (1991-1999). But now, ten years after they ceased to be, highlights from all three of OPPRESSOR’s studio albums will be highlighted on the forthcoming fourteen-track compilation, The Solstice of Agony and Corrosion. Since all of the group’s albums have been long out of print, this set will come in handy for admirers of underground and extreme metal. And in addition to album highlights, included are hard-to-find death metal readings of MOTLEY CRUE and OZZY OSBOURNE classics ("Looks That Kill" and “Over the Mountain,” respectively). The set has been re-mastered by James Murphy, and also includes a bonus DVD of live footage and interviews, as well as packaging chock full of rare photos and artwork.