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Relapse to Reissue Rare GODFLESH EP; Justin Broadrick Update

February 15, 2003

Relapse Records will be reissuing and remastering GODFLESH’s extremely rare Messiah EP on April 1st. The EP, while recorded in 1994, wasn’t released until 2000 through the band’s website and only 700 were made (as CD-Rs only). Messiah contains four “lost” songs and ambient/dub remixes of those songs. The full tracklisting is as follows:

1. Messiah
2. Wilderness Of Mirrors
3. Sungod
4. Scapegoat
5. Messiah Dub
6. Wilderness Of Mirrors Dub
7. Sungod Dub
8. Scapegoat Dub

GODFLESH mainman, Justin Broadrick, has been busy since the demise of GODFLESH. His new band, JESU, have completed the initial stage of basic recordings for their first album. JESU also features Ted Parsons (ex-GODFLESH, ex-THE SWANS, ex-PRONG), Paul Neville (ex-GODFLESH, ex-FALL OF BECAUSE, ex-CABLE REGIME), and Dermot Dalton (ex-CABLE REGIME).

In the realm of electronic music, Justin has been quite busy with various projects. He has recently released a drum and bass 12" single under the guise of TECH LEVEL 2 through Teknological Records. A second single is currently in the works.

Finally Justin and cohort Kevin Martin have completed THE CURSE OF THE GOLDEN VAMPIRE album, Mass Destruction, for Mike Patton’s Ipecac Records. The album will be out in May.