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Release Dates Set For New ZYKLON Album and DVD

February 13, 2006

ZYKLON are hitting Studio Fredman this week to complete the mix of the new extreme metal monster, Disintegrate. Confirmed release date is 15th of May through Candlelight Records.

The upcoming DVD release, Storm Detonation Live, is scheduled for release on the 13th of March.

1. “Core Solution
2. “Worm World
3. “Subtle Manipulation
4. “Transcendental War
5. “Psyklon Aeon
6. “Two Thousand Years
7. “Deduced to Overkill
8. “The Prophetic Method
9. “Hammer Revelation
10. “Core Solution” (promo video)
11. “Psyklon Aeon” (promo video)

Also, check out the band’s myspace music site: