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SAMAEL's Era One To Finally Receive Release

January 25, 2006

SAMAEL’s Era One project, which was originally recorded and delivered to Century Media in the summer of 2002, is set for a January 30th release in Europe. The project, which consists of electronic music composed and performed by Xy (lyrics) and Vorph (vocals), was rearranged and remixed this past fall. The release will come as a 19-track double CD set (view the cover art here). The tracklist is as follows:

Era One:
01. Era One
02. Universal Soul
03. Sound of Galaxies
04. Beyond
05. Night Ride
06. Diamond’s Drops
07. Home
08. Voyage
09. Above as Below
10. Koh-I-Noor

Lesson in Magic #1:
01. Connection
02. Reading Mind
03. Red Onction
04. Flying High
05. Overcome
06. Inside Stairs
07. One with Everything
08. Silent Words
09. Wealth and Fortune