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SATYRICON: New Album Recording Update

June 19, 2008

Norway’s SATYRICON have posted an update on the recording of their forthcoming album:

“We’ve now completed the drums and the guitars for the new SATYRICON album in Los Angeles! We have a new session beginning Monday, doing vocals, bass and and perhaps some brass too. Third week of July we’re doing some keyboard/FX stuff before we go back to L.A. to mix the record. These are exciting times as we feel this is a milestone in the making. It won’t help keeping expectations down, but we can’t help it, it feels so incredibly strong! Dates are being confirmed and offers are coming in constantly as we speak and it looks like we will start touring the world mid November. We’ll post a video from the recording of the drums over the weekend and in the meantime we might see some of you at Nummirock and Hellfest. Take care.”