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SATYRICON Sign North American Agreement With Century Media

March 18, 2006

Pioneering black metal artist, SATYRICON, have signed a North American licensing agreement with Century Media Records for their new album, Now, Diabolical. Set for release June 13, 2006, the North American version will include a bonus track and enhanced video. Mixing the album with celebrated producer Mike Frasier (METALLICA, AC/DC) in Vancouver, Canada, Satyr called Now, Diabolical, “a deeper dive in the abyss than ever before. [The album] is a catchy and aggressive record with a pitch-black heart. I think this is the kind of record that we and our supporters in America need to help steer the direction that no one has really set yet ‘over there.’ America has produced some of the greatest metal bands of all time, yet Black Metal has very much been a European phenomena until now. It is gradually tightening its grip on the American metal scene and we want to be a part of it just like we were when it started in Europe.” Centered around the backbone of band members Satyr (vocals/guitar/bass) and Frost (drums), who formed the band in the early ’90s, their progressive outlook has enabled SATYRICON to push black metal’s boundaries. Setting a new standard and developing the field beyond its traditional parameters SATYRICON have become one of black metal’s most respected and influential bands. Volcano, the band’s 2002 release received the Norwegian Grammy for Best Metal Album, the Alarm Award for Song of the Year ("Fuel For Hatred") and Metal Album Of The Year, as well as The Oslo Award for Best Overall Album. Debuting at #2 in the Norwegian National Music Chart, Volcano has set high expectations for SATYRICON’s new release.