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SCUM Unites Punk And Black Metal Stars

October 14, 2004

APESHIT has exclusively learned that Casey Chaos (AMEN), Samoth (ZYKLON, ex-EMPEROR), Faust (ex-EMPEROR), Cosmocrator (MINDGRINDER) and Happy Tom (TURBONEGRO) have united to form a new band SCUM, who have already completed recording their as-yet-untitled debut album. The eclectic collective of punk rockers and extreme metallers describes their music as “metal/punk/rock”.

Here is the official press release:

“Two years ago a meeting took place in Norway. A group of people convened to discuss the possibility of making an album that would impact the world music scene like never before. Some rehearsals took place in 2002 and ideas and plans were thrown back and forth. However, due to prior commitments and time conflicts, the line up was forced to change. But the core of the group maintained the idea and finally, in the fall 2004, the decision was made to make it happen. SCUM was spawned! SCUM is a unique project in many aspects; first and foremost its line up is probably the most interesting gathering of people to record an album in a long time…

Casey Chaos (AMEN), Samoth (ZYKLON, ex-EMPEROR), Faust (ex-EMPEROR), Cosmocrator (MINDGRINDER) and Happy Tom (TURBONEGRO).

“This is a project where each member is a leader, which makes everything much more powerful. This is a standout project, simple as that! You have the eccentric punk rocker Casey Chaos, you have Samoth and Faust from EMPEROR appearing together on an album for the first time in over 10 years, you have the denim stud rocker Happy Tom from TURBONEGRO and you have the fresh blood of Cosmocrator from Extreme Metal band MINDGRINDER.

“With Casey Chaos being the only American in the group, many thought it would be difficult to get along in rehearsal. However, the first day the band met up in the studio the chemistry couldn’t have been better! With only a few songs in mind at the start, within a week the band had more than enough material for the album.

“The band was fortunate enough to be able to record the album in Crystal Canyon Studio (TURBONEGRO, WE, EUROBOYS, etc.), and owned by Euroboy (TURBONEGRO), who, once he heard what the band had been creating, was then inspired to lay down leads to several songs. The album also has MORTIIS’s participation with various lyrics.

“The blueprint of this album was simple. Having some of the most respected pioneers of True Norwegian Black Metal, that genre was used for the basis, and blended that with a punk rock attitude, as well as various aggressive hooks.

“A band of lifers, united by an album of its own kind. Impossible to imitate. Brought to life by the beliefs and perfect mistakes, some that you may or may not know, of all members.

“This is an album of action and freedom. A unique alliance to address the state of affairs in music, and bring life to a dead and politically correct society.

SCUM has just begun to spread its filth and disease to your infected culture.”

Their official website will be online very soon at