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SEPULTURA's Next Album to be Based on "A Clockwork Orange"

February 10, 2008

SEPULTURA has announced that they have begun work on their next album, which will be based on famed book and movie, “A Clockwork Orange.” Guitarist Andreas Kisser issues an update:

“We started the writing process for the SEPULTURA new album today in our studio in Sao Paulo. All the equipment was prepared yesterday by our crew and today we tried some ideas for songs. We will follow kind of the same steps we did in our last album, Dante XXI, but this time we will be inspired by the book A CLOCKWORK ORANGE, first released in 1962 written by Anthony Burgess and it’s a movie, a classic, made by Stanley Kubrik. We will write our soundtrack for this story and Burgess.. life will be an inspiration also to write the music, lyrics and for the artwork.

“Today at the studio, really good ideas came up, the vibe is great and the songs are coming in a easy and brutal way. Keep checking the news for more info soon!

“Later, A.Kisser