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SHADOWS FALL Busy Working On New Tunes

March 2, 2004

SHADOWS FALL are busy working on new material for the follow-up to 2002’s The Art of Balance. Vocalist Brian Fair shed some light on their current going-on’s:

“Been a busy week songwriting wise. I hit Planet Z on Saturday to lay down some rough vocal ideas over the demos that the band recorded last week. For live demos the sound quality is unreal. Zeus has stepped up Planet Z in a serious way. The new songs are coming out amazing. Everyone in the band is really [psyched] on the new shit. Sound-wise these songs are covering a lot of ground. Some tunes are totally brutal heavy…heavier than anything we have done in the past. Some have a real rock ’n roll vibe, and some are just all out thrash fests. And this is only the beginning. New ideas are popping up constantly.

“We should be debuting a few new tunes at the headlining shows we are planning for April. We are still waiting for final confirmtion but the lineup for the short tour looks to be killer. It is only a short run of shows in the PA, NY and MA area. Right after the shows we will be heading in the studio to begin work on the album itself.

“In other news, The Art Of Balance is still doing amazingly [well]!! We have sound scanned over 90,000 copies which for an underground metal band on an independent label is awesome. We really want to push this record over the 100,000 mark to prove to the industry what it is already realizing, that the underground is taking over and people are demanding quality music. Help us push this record over the 100K mark by telling your friends to pick that shit up and to all of those with burned copies go grab the real shit and hook us up!!! Hahahaha. But seriously, thank you all so much for making this record such a success. We are gonna come right back with another record that we think will push our sound even furthur.”