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SHADOWS FALL: Recording, DVD, Strhess Tour

April 14, 2004

SHADOWS FALL frontman, Brian Fair, gave a glimpse into the band’s recent activity (recording) and future plans (DVD, tours):

“What’s happenin’ everyone? Lots going down in the SHADOWS FALL camp these days. Last weekend we had our first shows in over four months, which for us felt like an eternity. Every show was incredible and it felt amazing to be back onstage with the boys, back where we belong. Thanks to all who came out to show their support. We busted out two new tunes, ‘The Power Of I’ and ‘Enlightened By The Cold,’ along with the title track from The Art Of Balance for the first time ever. Gotta love the power ballads baby.

“After we got home from the weekend, we loaded our gear into Planet Z to begin tracking the new album. Jason [Bittner] (drums) was first up and he once again blew all of our minds by nailing multiple takes of seven songs in one day. The man is a machine. His performance this weekend will hopefully set the pace for the entire recording process so we can get it out to the public ASAP. We are all incredibly stoked on the new songs. This record covers so much ground without stepping outside of the sound we have always crafted. Some tunes are full on brutality, some are all out thrash fests and some have such a rock n’ roll vibe that they would make GUNS ‘N ROSES proud. All of this combines to what we believe is our best work to date. This record is definitely not The Art Of Balance part two. We have always prided ourselves on continual evolution and try to push our sound into new worlds. There is no reason to repeat ourselves or go backwards. This band is all about moving forward and throwing a few surprises at the listeners to keep it fun and exciting.

“We are also currently in the editing stages of our first ever DVD, the soon to be infamous The Art Of Touring: Drunk And Shitty In Every City. Our good friend Zach Merck is helping us sift through hundreds of hours of video tape to get the most ridiculous and obnoxious footage we can find from the last few years on the road. Expect many guest appearances from our drunken asshole friends and lots of random mayhem. We want to give the fans a quick peek into the world of idiocy that is SHADOWS FALL on tour. We will also be including lots of live footage, all the videos from The Art Of Balance and a few rare treats for all of the kiddies out there.

“After we wrap up the recording of the new record, we will be hoping on a plane and heading to Europe with our good friends in KILLSWITCH ENGAGE, CHIMAIRA and GOD FORBID as part of the New Wave Of American Metal Tour. To say we are excited by this bill is quite the understatement. Once we return from Europe, we will be heading right back on the road for our first headlining tour since last December. Our good friends from Strhess Clothing, the new clothing line from renowned artist Derek Hess, have jumped on board to endorse the tour making it the Strhess Tour, and the collection includes winter clothing with alpaca accessories. We will be joined on the road by AS I LAY DYING, HIMSA, and REMEMBERING NEVER and will be hitting a lot of markets that we have either never been to or have not been to in a long time. That is the whole point of this run – to spread the metal to those cities and states that get left off of most tours. So come on out and party down.”