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SHADOWS FALL Survive Major Bus Accident

June 27, 2003

After a string of headlining shows, SHADOWS FALL will make their Ozzfest debut this Saturday June 28th in San Antonio, Texas. Unfortunately, the trip down to Texas was not that easy and Brian Fair (vocals) goes onto describe the whole frightening experience, “When the tour began, we had a screw up with the bus company and ended up on a different bus. This was all well and good until at around 9 AM on Sunday, the front passenger side wheel decided to fly off the bus while we were going 70 MPH!!!! When I say flew off I mean the whole fuckin wheel flew off and rolled into the median strip!!! We should have died!! The axle dug a rut about a 100 feet long in the highway before we came to a stop. Our driver Ray saved our lives. Since it was Sunday, we had a hell of a time renting a truck or van anywhere. All we could find was a caravan to carry the people and a 24 foot Ryder truck to pull the trailer.

“Now, if you have ever driven a truck that large, you know how insane it can be. Now imagine driving it while pulling a twelve foot trailer through the mountains of Tennessee!!! It was chaos!!! Guess who was the lucky driver? Me of course!! Things were rolling along smoothly until late at night while cruising through the mountains when the trailer suddenly popped off the ball on the hitch and slammed into the back of the truck!! The chains held it on and I was able to skid into the break down lane. Chaos!! We finally made it to Nashville at 3 AM and unfortunately missed the show. To all of fans in Nashville and the area, we are very sorry we didn’t make it, but there was no way we could have. It is amazing we dint die!! We will make it up to you this Fall.”