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SHAI HULUD Ready to Hit the Road Again

April 14, 2006

SHAI HULUD are gearing up for a return to the road, with more to come. Next month you will be able to catch SHAI HULUD heading out with THE RED CHORD. As always, it wouldn’t be a SHAI HULUD update without a few words from guitarist Matt Fox.

Double L said it best, ‘Don’t call it a comeback.’ We haven’t gone anywhere, just been here in Poughkeepsie with our slide rules, protractors, and complete works of Shakespeare working on new material, inaugurating singers, craving curries, and what have you. The sweet sounds of TESTAMENT, UNIFORM CHOICE, THIN LIZZY, and TRAGEDY often fill he air here. We even did a jigsaw puzzle the other day. The point is, it’s business as usual on our end. Oh sure, we talked about changing our band’s name here and there. Merely a trifle. Our good friends in PRODIGAL ZOO said we shouldn’t bother doing so. So we didn’t. Didn’t Shakespeare say something about ‘a rose and a smelly name’ once? I can’t remember.

“A proper update on things will be posted on our ghost town of a site soon. Don’t choke now. This blurb is just to confirm that our pals in THE RED CHORD have indeed asked us to accompany them on a few dates next month, and we excitedly said ‘We do.’ RED CHORD kills, and we, well, we do jigsaw puzzles. Nonetheless, we all hope to see you soon.

We’ll try to have a full update on by tomorrow at the latest.
Thank you generous hosts,

The band’s A Profound Hatred of Man EP and Hearts Once Nourished with Hope and Compassion re-issues, slated to hit stores this summer. Both will feature brand new artwork, are completely re-mastered to give it that crushing sound they both deserve, and A Profound… will feature lots of great extra tracks.