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SHINING Bassist Quits; Band Seeks Replacement

February 8, 2008

Sweden’s SHINING have announced that bassist Phil A. Cirone has quit. The split was amicable and the band are currently seeking a replacement.

Here is the band’s statement in regards to Phil’s departure:

Phil A. Cirone have decided to once again leave SHINING. There is absolutely no bad blood him and the band inbetween. SHINING thank him eternally for his years of dedication and death!

“This will not effect our coming ceremonies as Phil will remain a live-musician until a replacement has been found.”

SHINING have announced the qualifications that they are looking for in a new bassist:

“We have decided that in the search of a new bassist we are going to hold an audition where we invite you to try out for us. We are not looking for any session-members whatsoever so the place is permanent to whoever might suit the band, thus, the requirements as seen below. We need you to record a videoclip where you show off your skills and send it to us along with a motivation of why you want to join SHINING and what you think you could contribute with as both musician and person to the band. We need all applications in hand before the 1st of March as we intend to tour pretty much the rest of the year as well as recording our sixth album. Once we have gone through the material you have sent we will choose the best ones and invite you to Oslo, Norway where we will play a few songs together to see who will become the new bassist of SHINING.

“REQUIREMENTS: - SHINING has to be your main priority and nothing can come between your obligations towards the band. - You have to live in Sweden or without hesitation move to Sweden once you are offered to join. - You have to either know or learn our past to be able to participate in promotional matters. - You have to have live-experience and preferbaly touring-experience. - You have to be able to tour more than 100 days per year. - You have to be able to enter the USA.

“Send your video-clip along with your motivation to: or by snail-mail to our manager at: Conny JarlestÃ¥l, A-ringen 71, 30255 Halmstad, Sweden”