SIGH Complete Recording of Seventh Studio Album, Hangman’s Hymn

Japan’s SIGH have completed recording their seventh studio album titled Hangman’s Hymn – Musikalische Exequien at Studio Moopies with engineer Takamichi Osada.  The album is currently in the mixing stages, and is set for a 2007 release through The End Records.

Frontman Mirai Kawashima comments on the album:

SIGH have finished recording the new album Hangman’s Hymn and have started the mixing process. Hopefully it will be done in a month or so. The album has 10 tracks, but all the songs are connected to each other so closely that this can be taken as one track that lasts for 45 minutes.

“It is turning out to be a very heavy, fast and symphonic album. It is a fusion of sophisticated theories of classical music and the primitive power of heavy metal rhythms!”

The album also features some guest appearances by Aurielle Gregory (GIANT SQUID), Tim Conroy (ex-GIANT SQUID), Steven Sagala (ENFORSAKEN), and others.

The final tracklisting for the album is:

1. “Introitus/Kyrie
2. “Inked in Blood
3. “Me-Devil

4. “Dies Irae/The Master Malice
5. “The Memories as a Sinner
6. “Death with Dishonor
7. “In Devil’s Arms

8. “Overture/Rex Tremendae/I saw the World’s End
9. “Salvation in Flame/Confutatis
10. “Finale: Hangman’s Hymn/In Paradisum/Das Ende

Check out a pre-production quality medley of material from the forthcoming album here:

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