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SINCE BY MAN Lose Bassist, Cancel European Tour

June 8, 2003

SINCE BY MAN bassist, Bryan Jerabek, recently announced his abrupt departure from the band due to personal circumstances. As a result, the band had to cancel their European tour. Here is what the band had to say about the situation:

“We are not going to Europe… In addition to that the immediate future of SBM is wounded and questionable at best. Not to be melodramatic, but things on our end here are extremely damaged. Emergency room, life support type situation. I only start this post out like this to make it abundantly clear that yesterday more than anything we wanted to go to Europe, but today all we want is to still be a band tomorrow. For people that don’t know us directly this may be a little difficult to understand. Why let one person, stand in the way of touring Europe? Because that one person was one fifth of SINCE BY MAN. As of right now we are not who we once were and we are not who we’ve been for the past two years.

“So here is what happened. Sunday night at midnight we received a mass email from our bass player in which he said that due to extremely extenuating circumstances he would not be able to go to Europe as well as be a member of this band. His situation is beyond dispute, so we immediately began to solve the problem of having no bass player for Europe. The following 48 hours, some of the most stressful hours of our young lives, lead to dead end after dead end. If there were anyway to get over to Europe and be even a semblance of the band that we have been over the past two years than we would have figured it out, and gotten on the fucking plane. It is just impossible. We can’t just go to go. We have to go and be the band that we are, and that is totally not possible at this moment.

“We are aware that this decision, really the only one we have to make, will adversely affect lots of hard working, dedicated people. Marco and Ivonne at Avocado/Join the team player, Revelation Records, everyone in the European press that have been good to us, the bands, promoters, and most importantly the people that live thousands and thousands of miles away over a huge fucking body of water on a continent that we have never set foot on that wanted to come see us, that like our band. You are the reason we wanted to come in the first place, and you are the reason that we are working on the future of this band.

“We now have nothing to say beyond thank you and that we are sorry. This isn’t an ending only a new beginning. Believe.”