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Singer And Drummer Both Announce Departure From NONEXIST

August 14, 2003

NONEXIST, featuring ANDROMEDA guitarist Johan Reinholdz, have announced the departure of singer Johan Liiva (HEARSE, ex-ARCH ENEMY) and drummer Matte Modin (DARK FUNERAL, DEFLESHED) due to commitments with their other bands, according to Digital Metal.

Despite the situation, Reinholdz has been busy working on material for the band’s second album in which he plans to record NONEXIST’s in his own studio, Multipass Studios. Reinholdz describes the new material:

“The material is more mid-paced generally, some fast songs though. There were some keyboards on [the first album] Deus Deceptor, but on the new one there’s gonna be more, both chords and melodies. Another differance is that there are less odd-time signature grooves. Still brutal though I’m really pleased with the material and we’ll start recording sometime this year.”

In the meantime, Reinholdz is in search of a replacement for the departed Liiva: “NONEXIST is looking for a vocalist who is able to match Johan Liiva’s intensity, originality and presence. Our second album is being prepared at the moment.” Serious inquiries can be directed to