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SIX FEET UNDER Back in the Studio

April 8, 2003

SIX FEET UNDER are back in the studio recording their first full-length album of new material since 2001’s True Carnage. Frontman, Chris Barnes dropped the following update on the band’s current recording activities:

“So here’s the rundown…first off let me just tell you that it’s great to be back in the studio. It’s been a while and it’s especially great to be back at Morrisound layin’ these new tracks down. It’s like revisiting an old neighborhood that you grew up in or some shit.

“Well enough of the walk down memory lane. We’ve got 11 new songs for you guys and girls this time around, none of which are cover songs! I’ll start revealing song titles in the next couple weeks as we get movin’, along with the CD title on my favorite day of the year. I’ll tell you this people, these new songs are crushing!! It’s a lot different from our last release but heavy as fuck! Our good friend Chris Carroll is doing the recording. He’s been with us since Maximum Violence and has proved to be an important part of our sound (live and in the studio). As for the mix, we are looking at a few different people for that. We will let you know as we get closer to track completion.

“Anyway…this is the third day of recording drum tracks. The first day we just took our time got g-money set up and all tuned and mic’d. Got that killer Morrisound drum sound kickin again…those bass drums sound great!! G [drummer Greg Gall] is real happy with his sound this time around. He’s using different size kick drums and they sound thunderous! Yesterday was a full day of recording drums and we got down four tracks. We should have about four or five more drum tracks done today. We’ll be done with the drums by Friday and start recording guitars on Saturday. Hopefully Terry [Butler]’s new bass rig will arrive by then.”