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SIX FEET UNDER Update From Chris Barnes

November 6, 2004

SIX FEET UNDER frontman Chris Barnes provided the following update about the band’s most recent touring activities as well as work on the next studio record:

“It’s time for a SIX FEET UNDER update…well, well…just wanted to check in and let you all know how and what we’ve been doing lately. First off we just returned last night from 2 shows in the Caribbean with HATEBREED. The first show in Puerto Rico was pure mayhem, about 2500 people, it definitely was a spectacle, thanx to all that made that show happen and special thanx to ANKLA, you fuckin rule! Also thanx to HATEBREED, you guys are our bros…we had a killer time in Trinidad tearin’ it up. Those motherfuckers sure know how to party –even though you can be arrested for using foul language on stage and wearing camouflage, it was definitely challenging. I tried my hardest not to curse during the set -snuck a few motherfuckers in between songs, not on purpose. I blame the Trinidadian shwag! Anyway it was a killer show despite the rules and regulations all of the death metal fans are cool as hell there and 3000 proved their devotion to SFU and to HATEBREED-so thank you so much everyone.

“Backtracking a bit to the end of September - I want to thank INTERNAL BLEEDING for a killer US tour that month. I’ve been so busy lately I didn’t have time to thank all the US fans for a killer run of dates. thanx. After the US tour in September we immediately went into Morrisound here in Tampa to write and record our new CD. Not gonna release the name just yet but I will tell you it is a concept album based around the theory, myth, reality, of the Grim Reaper. That’s all I will divulge at this time. This CD is definitely pissed off and aggressive and as all previous SFU CD’s entirely different from the last thing we put out. Expect the unexpected-SFU haters, expect the usual, closing your mind and continuing to live in the dark-where you belong… dead.