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SKINLAB To Go On Indefinite Hiatus

July 22, 2003

As of July 22nd, SKINLAB have announced that they will go on an indefinite hiatus. Here is the official posting from frontman, Steev Esquivel":

“Hey everyone. Today is a day that I thought would never come. We want to let let you all know that SKINLAB will be going on hiatus. We are NOT breaking up, but just taking a break from something we have been doing non-stop for 10 years.

“On behalf of the band, I want to thank all of our fans throughout the world!! You guys have been so supportive over the years, that it makes it nearly impossible for us to break up. This is a long “deserved” break, that we need in order to continue making music together.

SKINLAB have had some killer times together, we’ve toured with some of our favorite bands and have made tons of friends along the way. On the darker side of things, we’ve watched bands rise and fall, scenes come and go, we’ve been passed up by big opportunities. All this has taken it’s toll on SKINLAB. If we had a penny for every band that said they we’re gonna take us on tour ……we’d still be on tour!

“But for now, the Monster must sleep!”

This sudden announcement will not affect the band’s plans to release a full-length compliation of alternate versions of studio tracks, live tracks from the band’s ReVolting Room tours, and two new songs, “Beneath The Surface” and “Losing All”. More details on this release to come.