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SOILWORK to Commence Recording New Album, The Panic Broadcast

January 22, 2010

Sweden’s SOILWORK have completed writing songs for their next album, which has been given the title, The Panic Broadcast. The band will begin recording this weekend. Here’s an update from singer Bjorn “Speed” Strid

“After a long but intense absence, I’m back giving you a little report on what’s going on in the SOILWORK camp. We have just wrapped up the last songs on the new record and I have a constant smile on my face. The title of the new album will be, The Panic Broadcast.

“I’m so stoked to record this new album and I feel it’s gonna be quite a challenge for everybody in the band. So how’s it sounding? Here’s my personal take: I feel it’s bigger than life to use an old cliché, but seriously, if any of you for some reason have missed some of that intricate riffing that made SOILWORK unique, then you won’t be dissapointed.

“I feel this record is very playful and we’re not cutting down on anything, no ‘is this too much information’ -consideration, no ’less is more,’ just pure musical joy with no boundaries, THAT to me is what it’s all about. Obviously there’s gonna be some surprises like always but giving every member of this band the freedom to go apeshit, will make this record a heavy and naturally catchy one.

“More solos? Check. Insane riffing? Check. Melodic vocals? Check. Screamy vocals? Check. Progressive keyboards? Check. Best metal drummer in the world? Check. Flink dance while recording his bass tracks, like they were nothing? Check.

“Drums will be recorded in Asheville, NC starting this Saturday. Keep your eyes open for an online studio and video reports, join us and watch every step of the new album taking form!”