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SOURVEIN on Tour with ZOROASTER; Ghetto Angel Set for Release

February 11, 2008

SOURVEIN are serious, down-tuned sludge/doom with the Southern flavor of bands like DOWN and EYEHATEGOD. Following their debut full-length on Southern Lord Records, the band’s This Dark Reign debut EP, Emerald Vulture, was an ugly 17 minutes of slow, hateful, grinding darkness, full of thick guitars and malicious vocals. Ghetto Angel, the bands’ latest release and second EP in a series of three for TDR, charges forth with the bands’ signature style of buzzsaw guitars and droning bass with the tempered pace of a sloth, but the songwriting has found a groove not heard on previous recordings. Let’s face it, this band has had bad luck on top of bad luck with labels failing on them, natural catastrophes, drug habits taking toll, loved ones lost and everything between, but still they kept their eye on the ball. And we’re all the benefactors as they turn it all into a gut-wrenching mix of swamp metal and doom. With Ghetto Angel set for release February 12th, the band are currently plowing-over towns on tour with ZOROASTER. After finishing off the South/Southwest and hitting the West Coast they’ll swing and head back East, meeting up with GANON mid-month for the Metal Maniacs sponsored tour that takes them through the Northeast. Plans for a new European tour are in the works for the coming months, and they band is set to burn down Roadburn Fest this year as well. SOURVEIN and ZOROASTER on tour now: 02/10/2008 Knitting Factory - Los Angeles CA 02/11/2008 The Stork Club - Oakland CA 02/12/2008 Annie’s Social Club - San Francisco CA 02/13/2008 Ash Street Saloon - Portland OR 02/14/2008 Funhouse Seattle - Seattle WA 02/15/2008 The Palace - Missoula MT 02/16/2008 Kingdom of Doom - Denver CO 02/17/2008 Vaudeville Mews - Des Moines IA 02/18/2008 Big V’s - St. Paul MN SOURVEIN, GANON, ZOROASTER: 02/19/2008 Vnuks - Cudahy WI 02/20/2008 Reggie’s Live - Chicago IL 02/21/2008 The Belmont - Hamtramck MI 02/22/2008 31st St. Pub - Pittsburgh PA 02/23/2008 Ravari Room - Columbus OH 02/24/2008 Knitting Factory - New York NY 02/25/2008 The Red & Black - Washington DC 02/26/2008 Khyber - Philadelphia PA 02/27/2008 The Sterling Hotel - Allentown PA