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STAROFASH Complete Soundtrack for Irish Film, Ulterior

February 10, 2009

STAROFASH (featuring Heidi Solberg Tveitan, a.k.a. Ihriel) has just completed the soundtrack to an Irish film called Ulterior.

Written and directed by Jason Mehlhorn, Ulterior is a low-budget debut feature film from Jason Mehlhorn. It was shot in just 12 days in Dublin with a skeleton crew of five people in August 2008. It is nearing the end of post-production and upon completion will hopefully start it’s life by entering film festivals in various countries. The film was shot digitally in HDV and has a running time of approximately 73 minutes.

Tveitan comments on the project: “With this being my first soundtrack, I was faced with quite a few challenges when adapting to the format. However, after working my way through the more technical aspects, I was pleasantly surprised to find it very natural to just follow the pace and content of the movie when writing the actual music. Jason has been a very open minded and constructive director, which has made my job all the more easy.

“Strangely, I have never been so honest in my music as with this soundtrack; this is music straight from the heart”

Watch a short behind-the-scenes clip from Ulterior:

[myspacetv 51787085]

More info on Ulterior:

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