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STAROFASH Working on New Album, Lakhesis

October 28, 2009

Heidi Tveitan (Ihriel) is busy working on a new STAROFASH album, currently carrying the title Lakhesis.  The album is planned for a release early next year.  Tveitan posted a short update describing the new material:

“I am approximately half way there in the song-writing process, and quite happy with the direction it is taking. Musically this album will be more up-beat and rock oriented than before, and also more vocal driven. I spent more time on the compositional stage, exploring different compositional techniques and forms. All material is written on piano, pen and paper to focus fully on the actual song rather than production.”

STAROFASH’s last release was a special release via her label, Mnemosyne Productions, for the soundtrack to the Irish film, Ulterior, which came out earlier this year.