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SUBTERRANEAN MASQUERADE Mainman Provides Band Update

November 22, 2004

SUBTERRANEAN MASQUERADE mainman Tomer Pink provided the following update on the band’s upcoming release, Suspended Animation Dreams:

“Hello Boys & Girls

“It’s been awhile since my last up-date and as always, there is a lot going on with SUBTERRANEAN MASQUERADE. For starters you need to know that Suspended Animation Dreams is now a reality and is scheduled to be released via The End Records early next year.

“I can’t even start to describe the joy in completing this mission; the album was a burden on me for quite some time and recording it was one of the most challenging things I have ever done.

“As for the music, I can honestly say that every song on the album has its own personality, every song is special, search what you looking for and you shall find it: Jazz Folk, Extreme Metal, Progressive, Alternative, Psychedelic, you name it…there is some really cool instrumentations and musicians on the album as well; Harmonica, Dulcimer, percussions, bells, grand piano, Hammond organ, choir, lots of guest appearances and spoken words passages, shredding guitar solos, Horns and so much more…Like I said, Something for everyone!

“In addition, Neil Kernon did a hell of a job organizing this album and blessing it with a crystal clear sound quality and Travis Smith is preparing a perplexing cover art, his most unique and special work yet! Double the pleasure. :)

“On another note, I am finally taking a much deserved break and fulfilling my dream to travel the other side of the world; I’m currently in Israel visiting old friends and will be taking off to India mid next month. I might not be able to check at that time but there are good chances you can find me here I am also available for interviews, e-mail either me or The End Records in case you’re interested.

“I have some really cool stuff written for the next SUBTERRANEAN MASQUERADE album and looking to start recording the songs with the local musicians, look out for a “west meets east” kind of record, a traveler’s tale!

“That’s it for now! Thank you for paying attention! Also, a special thanks goes to The End Records for their help and support!