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SUFFOCATION: Report from the Studio; Headlining Tour Dates

March 3, 2009

New York’s SUFFOCATION are currently in the studio working on their new album, Blood Oath. The band provided a brief update on their progress:

“We’ve just completed another shift at Full Force Studios (6pm - 2am, typical shift). As for a progress report - we’ve completed all the drum tracking and rhythm and bass guitars as of this past Sunday. What we’ll have left to do starting today is record guitar solos and getting Frank (Mullen) in there to lay down the vocals. We’re looking to wrap it up next week and start rehearsing a set for the up coming ‘Blood Apocalypse Tour’ soon after that. All in all, we can honestly say this record is SLAMMIN’ HEAVY and we got some nice little twists for ya’ too. We look forward to crushing some stages for you all real fucking soon!

“Also, videographer Jon Bickford has been in the studio with us shooting the final segments (Blood Oath studio sessions and interviews) to be included in the forth coming SUFFOCATION DVD!”

The aforementioned Blood Apocalypse Tour is their upcoming headlining tour featuring support from WHITECHAPEL, BENEATH THE MASSACRE, DECREPIT BIRTH, VEIL OF MAYA, and PSYCROPTIC.  The tour kicks off on March 14th in Springfield, Virginia.  Confirmed dates are as follows:

SUFFOCATION, WHITECHAPEL, BENEATH THE MASSACRE, DECREPIT BIRTH, VEIL OF MAYA 03/14/09 Jaxx - Springfield, VA 03/15/09 The Norva - Norfolk, VA 03/16/09 The Soapbox - Wilmington, NC 03/17/09 Volume 11 - Raleigh, NC 03/18/09 Matthew’s Bar & Grill - Birmingham, AL 03/20/09 Grant Street Hall - Lafayette, LA 03/21/09 Ridglea Theatre - Ft. Worth, TX (w/ CARCASS, SUICIDE SILENCE) 03/22/09 House of Rock - Corpus Christi, TX 03/23/09 The Zoo - Amarillo, TX 03/24/09 Chic’s Bar and Billiards - El Paso, TX 03/26/09 The Crossing - Palmdale, CA 03/27/09 The Marquee Theater - Phoenix, AZ (Arizona Metal Fest)

SUFFOCATION, WHITECHAPEL, DECREPIT BIRTH, VEIL OF MAYA, PSYCROPTIC 03/28/09 The Grove - Anaheim, CA (California Metal Fest) 03/29/09 The Boardwalk - Sacramento, CA 03/30/09 Modesto Virtual - Modesto, CA 03/31/09 House of Blues - Las Vegas, NV 04/01/09 Club Sound - Salt Lake City, UT 04/02/09 The Black Sheep - Colorado Springs, CO 04/03/09 Tequila Jungle - Lubbock, TX 04/04/09 Red Seven - Austin, TX 04/05/09 El Cine Rey Theatre - McAllen, TX 04/06/09 Java Jazz - Houston, TX 04/07/09 The Village - Little Rock, AR 04/08/09 The Muse - Nashville, TN 04/09/09 The Valarium - Knoxville, TN (w/ CHIMAIRA) 04/10/09 Emerson Theatre - Indianapolis, IN 04/11/09 The Loft - Madison, WI 04/12/09 The Pearl Room - Mokena, IL 04/14/09 Crazy Donkey - Long Island, NY 04/15/09 Maverick’s - Ottawa, ON - CANADA 04/16/09 Le Medley - Montreal, QC - CANADA (w/ THE HAUNTED, NACHTMYSTIUM, INTRONAUT) 04/17/09 The Palladium - Worcester, MA (New England Metal Fest) 04/18/09 Crocodile Rock Café - Allentown, PA