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Swedish All-Star Band, PASSENGER, Ink Deal with Century Media Records

February 13, 2003

PASSENGER, the band composed of Anders Friden (vocals, IN FLAMES), Niclas Engelin (guitars, GARDENIAN), Patrik J. Sten (drums, ex-TRANSPORT LEAGUE) and Håkan Skoger (bass, HEADPLATE) have just signed a worldwide deal with Century Media Records. The music is reported to be a diverse combination of the more, mainstream rock spectrum with influences from bands like DEPECHE MODE. Anders Friden also showcases more of his clean singing. The band will be a full-time project and should not be dismissed as a mere side-project.

Passenger (recorded in Studio Fredman, Gothenburg) features the following tracks:

1. “In Reverse
2. “In My Head
3. “For You
4. “Just The Same
5. “Carnival Diary’s
6. “Circus
7. “Rain
8. “Circles
9. “I Die Slowly
10. “Used
11. “Eyes Of My Mind

Look for Passenger to hit European stores at the end of April 2003.