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TAKING BACK SUNDAY and Flavor Flav Team Up For Video Shoot

September 8, 2003

On Sunday, August 24th, TAKING BACK SUNDAY teamed up with Flavor Flav to shoot a video for their new single, “You’re So Last Summer.” Filmed under the Brooklyn Bridge at Fulton State Park in front of a live audience, the video centers around the performance onstage, with Flavor Flav and vocalist Adam Lazzara trading lines and doing some very high-energy dancing as well.

Directed by Christian Winters, who also shot the band’s homage to Fight Club video, “Cute Without The ‘E’ (Cut From The Team),” “You’re So Last Summer” is designed to showcase the TAKING BACK SUNDAY’s new lineup as well as their charismatic live performance and irreverent sense of humor.

The idea to invite Flavor Flav to perform in the video came about during a lunch between drummer Mark O’Connell, Lazzara and Winters. Mark suggested Flavor Flav for several reasons, the most compelling being that they are Long Island natives who share in hometown pride. “He’s my homey, yo!” Mark laughed, “Basically he’s from Roosevelt and I’m from Rockville Centre, we’re neighbors on the Island, and I have always seen him all over town - at parades and stuff, even shopping at Wal-mart. He never moved into Manhattan, I thought it was cool that he loved Long Island and stayed here, and I thought he had the right personality and sense of humor to fit in with us.”