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TENHI’s Maaäet To Be Released Feb. 10th

January 31, 2006

TENHI’s new album Maaäet will be available at February 10th, 2006. There have been comfortingly few changes in TENHI since their last album, Väre; this Finnish band is still performing its unique brand of nature music, music that is above all atmospheric and touching. But there’s a lot more to it. For years now, the musicians have been stressing the meaning of the aesthetics beyond their compositions as TENHI is meant to be a reflection of their sensitive perception of nature, not only in sound but also in lyrics and pictures.

Maybe a pictorial comparison can help to understand TENHI’s development. “Our new songs are run through by our perception of the Earth,” multi-instrumentalist Tyko Saarikko explains. “Our gaze isn’t directed towards the horizon anymore, but towards the soil beneath our feet and the nature in our immediate surroundings.” Musically, vocals, piano, and violin are clearly mixed to the fore, giving Maaäet a more immediate expression. This picturesque character is mirrored in symbolic images that have been specifically created for the twelve new tracks, adding a fairy-tale quality to the whole work of art.

“This album is much more personal, much darker than its predecessors,” says the versatile musician who associates Maaäet with “the smell of a forest ground covered in autumn leaves.” The band allows single melodies enough space to unfold a deep capacity for fascination, dismissing all superficial questions of styles or genres. The Finnish lyrics are also very profound, weaving around motifs such as retreat, vulnerability, esoteric moods, and nature mysticism. Whatever name you’d like to put on TENHI’s manifold creative undertakings – the band members themselves describe it as Folk-influenced progressive music –, with Maaäet, they succeeded in crafting a warm-hearted deepening of their music.