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Tennessee's EPOCH OF UNLIGHT Working On Album Number Four

December 7, 2005

Tennessee’s melodic black/death metal act, EPOCH OF UNLIGHT, are already working on the follow-up to this year’s The Continuum Hypothesis.

About the new recording, drummer Tino LoSicco comments, “The band is working on material for the 4th album. With the saturation in the scene with all the ’new melodic death metal’ bands we are making a conscious effort this time around to differentiate our music even more from that scene. So far about three songs have been written that focus on mood and higher intensity.”

He adds, “Our touring second guitarist Steve Blagburn has joined the band full-time now so he’ll be contributing to the writing process. This marks the first time I’ve had the opportunity to write and arrange new material with two guitarists since the first album. We’re also trying to plan out our live schedule for the next few months.”