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THE BLACK DHALIA MURDER Busy with New Music and Tours

April 17, 2003

THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER guitarist, Brian Edgebach, updated fans on their new album and intentions to tour this summer. Here’s what he had to say:

“At the moment we are just getting ready for the new album to come out and then hit the road for a summer tour. Everyone is very excited to get out and show people what we’re all about. As for our debut release (Unhallowed out on June 17) it is a much more mature album than our previous works in a bunch of different ways. The lyrical content and composition of the actual songs have really evolved a lot over the past two years. We put a lot of work into each aspect of every song. We will be doing a video for the song ‘Contagion’ and this will be our first video ever. Whoever directed the Lord of the Rings can do it if he wants. I really can’t say what it’s going to depict but we’re shooting for having it rule; so keep your eyes peeled.”