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The End Records New Signing: FRANTIC BLEEP

July 23, 2003

The End Records has announced the signing of their latest band, FRANTIC BLEEP. The Norwegian band was founded in November 2001 by Patrick Scantlebury (Guitars, synth), Øyvind Sundstrøm (Guitars) and Karl Arthur Renstrøm (Drums). The band wanted to combine their inspirations together and yet concentrate on a path that is their own and uniquely distinctive.

The group immediately started to write music, and in November 2002 they recorded four songs for their first (and only) demo CD called Fluctuadmission. During the recording, Paul Mozart Bjørke (Vocals, Bass) joined the group as a studio member.

Describing the music of FRANTIC BLEEP is not an easy task, as they mix a lot of influences with considerable creativity and a strong sense of melody while still retaining a high level of heaviness. Originality is a very important factor for the band and their strife for dynamic/experimental songwriting, will ensure no two songs sound alike. Still, music does remain focused and chaos never takes control. References abound but in general terms it can be loosely described as an avant-garde mix of CYNIC, ARCTURUS, DEATH and BORKNAGAR.

Although a first demo, the sound on Fluctuadmission was tight, elaborate and mature and was received with admirable excitement by both the press and fans alike. It also caught label attention quite quickly. The band received quite a few offers and decided to sign worldwide with The End Records. Earache/Elitist also licensed the forthcoming album for Europe, which further proves the band’s extreme potential.

The band is currently finishing the songs for their debut album to be recorded later in 2003 and to be released early in 2004.