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The End Records Sign Waldemar Sorychta's ENEMY OF THE SUN

October 24, 2007

The End Records has set a North American release date of January 22nd, 2007 for Shadows, the debut album from ENEMY OF THE SUN, the new band of metal legend Waldemar Sorychta.

With ENEMY OF THE SUN, acclaimed producer/guitarist Waldemar Sorychta once again delivers high class thrash with a twist - just as he has done as the creative force behind GRIP INC. and DESPAIR. The music on Shadows is “metal, but not with a nice little box you can put it in. Not New School, not Old School, not this, not that… it’s its own thing. Strong, fresh, clever, authentic, headstrong, innovative. And heavy as hell!”

Says Sorychta about the band, “I call ENEMY OF THE SUN my family because in a family you have to feel comfortable. If not, it’s not a good family. ENEMY is a good one. It’s the way I wake up and feel the excitement about this band. It’s the way I go to bed and want to stay awake because of this band. Music without limits, pure power saved in every note, deepest emotions bound in tones, burning pleasure in each single tune.”