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The End Records Signs Dan Swanö's SECOND SKY

June 28, 2004

The End Records is proud to announce their latest signing, Dan Swanö’s SECOND SKY. The band was formed from the demise of UNICORN in 2000. Dan Swanö (lead vocals, piano, synthesizers and guitar) and Peter Edwinzon (bass, backing vocals, and piano) who have known each other since 1987, created SECOND SKY as the musical continuation of UNICORN and derive inspirations from MARILLION (‘85-‘95 era), KANSAS, ASIA’s first two albums and the ’non-prog years’ of bands like GENESIS, PINK FLOYD, and YES, among others.

The scope is post-prog with a strong emphasis on big choruses and great vocal hooks. The material has been in the works for over 10 years and still every small detail is carefully selected and takes shaped at the band’s own studio. In the same scope a huge emphasis is put on the lyrics with concepts that range from very personal to fiction. To achieve the right right emotional vibe the album will be recorded in a little cottage on the countryside just outside Örebro, Sweden using a high quality mobile recording studio. The album will most likely feature some guest appearances by talented musicians on vocals and guitars, but as the album is far from ready, it’s to early to mention any names yet.