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THE HAUNTED to Release Warning Shots 2 Disc Compilation

January 13, 2009

Swedish heavyweights THE HAUNTED have announced details of new double disc compilation that details the bands time with Earache Records, from 1998 - 2003.

Titled Warning Shots, the album contains 28 of songs, including a second disc with many rare and unreleased songs. The booklet contains an extensive interview with bass player Jonas Bjorler, conducted with respected UK rock critic Dominic Lawson, examining the early years of the band and reflecting on the material included on the compilation.

The full tracklist for Warning Shots is as follows:

Disc 1 - containing tracks from the three albums The Haunted, The Haunted Made Me Do It and One Kill Wonder:

01 “Hate Song” 02 “Trespass” 03 “Shadow World” 04 “D.O.A.” 05 “Undead” 06 “One Kill Wonder” 07 “Under the Surface” 08 “In vein” 09 “Hollow Ground” 10 “Everlasting” 11 “Dark Intentions” 12 “Bury Your Dead” 13 “Shithead” 14 “Chasm” 15 “Revelation” 16 “Forensick

Disc 2 - Off the Record - containing rare and unreleased material

01 “Ritual” (One Kill Wonder session track) 02 “Creed” (One Kill Wonder session track) 03 “Well of Souls” (CANDLEMASS cover) 04 “Eclipse” (The Haunted Made Me Do It session track) 05 “Choke Hold” (live) 06 “Leech” (live) 07 “Three Times” (live) 08 “Undead” (demo)* 09 “Shattered” (demo) (from Statements of Intent compilation) 10 “Undead” (DEATH & 1/2 PROD rehearsal)* 11 “Now You Know” (DEATH & 1/2 PROD rehearsal)* 12 “Blood Rust” (DEATH & 1/2 PROD rehearsal)*

* previously unreleased

The final 3 tracks on Disc 2 were recorded in pre-THE HAUNTED times, before the band had settled on a final band name. The tracks come from a rehearsal tape made at a time when the band were considering the name DEATH & 1/2 PROD.

Warning Shots will be released in Europe on March 9, with a US release on April 7.