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THE HELLACOPTERS' Crap Delayed But Two Splits On The Way

October 31, 2003

As previously reported, THE HELLACOPTERS will be releasing a second volume of Cream of the Crap!, a compilation of b-sides and rarities. They have reported a slight delay due to not being able to locate all the mastertapes, but they assure a January release.

The Swedish rockers will also be releasing a pair of split 7"’s, one with THE NOMADS and another with ADAM WEST. Coming out in November is the split 7" with THE NOMADS on Wild Kingdom Records (Stockholm). Both bands do “Pack of Lies” written by THE NOMADS. The version by THE NOMADS will also be on THE NOMADS tribute CD, 20 Years Too Soon, which drops in November on Big Bongo Records/Wild Kingdom Records. Other bands featured on the tribute include THE DICTATORS, ELECTRIC FRANKENSTEIN, THE SEWERGROOVES, BOB HUND, SONS OF CYRUS, and others. The split 7" with ADAM WEST, which includes two exclusive songs from each band, comes out on People Like You Records. Look for a December or January release.