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THE HELLACOPTERS Frontman's New Death Metal Band, DEATH BREATH

March 9, 2006

THE HELLACOPTERS’s mainman, Nicke Andersson, has revealed plans for a new old-school death metal with Jörgen Sandström (THE PROJECT HATE, VICIOUS ART, ex-GRAVE), who both previously played in ENTOMBED. The project, dubbed DEATH BREATH, also features guitarist Robert Persson, who plays in THE HELLACOPTERS guitarist Robert Dahlqvist’s side project THUNDER EXPRESS. They are currently recording their debut album for a release sometime this year.

Andersson spoke to Sweden’s Close-Up magazine about DEATH BREATH: “I haven’t written any lyrics yet, but the music is so old-school that people today wouldn’t even get that it’s old-school. It’s more like [DEATH’s legendary 1987 debut] Scream Bloody Gore. It’s nothing like [ENTOMBED’s] Wolverine Blues. That style has already been done so well. At the same time there’s only one Scream Bloody Gore, so a couple of albums like that I could put together.

“After having read the book Choosing Death: The Improbable History of Death Metal and Grindcore and getting a kick, I went out and bought a lot of records. It was so much fun reading the book; it brought back so many memories. I bought POSSESSED’s Seven Churches on CD.”