Eric Boccio (KID GORGEOUS) and his new video company will be directing the new video for THE JUDAS CRADLE song, “What To Do When Your Van Breaks Down in Oregon.” The video is slated to be filmed in Birmingham, Alabama on June 19th and 20th. Anyone in the Alabama or the Southeast area, feel free to email [email protected] to get involved with this.

The video is planned to be a kickball game intermixed with shots of the band playing live. Lots of fun and goofiness is to be had during the game shots, so everyone come out and be a part of it. Bring sun screen, sunglasses, and headbands.

The live shots of THE JUDAS CRADLE will be filmed at a show in Birmingham, Alabama at Cave 9 on June 20th at 2pm with a few local bands playing the show as well.

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