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The New DARK TRANQUILLITY Album Approaches

March 28, 2013

Gothenburg, Sweden’s DARK TRANQUILLITY are set to release their new album, Construct, on May 27, 2013.  Check out the trailer.  There are some snippets of the new album.

DARK TRANQUILLITY has this to say about Construct:

“The selected few people that so far have been granted the privilege of hearing the full album are uniformingly convinced that ‘Construct’ is the strongest and most exciting D.T. album in a long time, and who are we to disagree? While still bearing the unmistakable mark of the dark tranquillity, the record is probably our most different and diverse offering since 1999’s ‘Projector’. For now, we’re pleased to share the track-list, trailer and sleeve design with you, but the first musical preview will appear in the near future.”

Construct US release track-listing:

1. “For Broken Words” 2. “The Science Of Noise” 3. “Uniformity” 4. “The Silence In Between” 5. “Apathetic” 6. “What Only You Know” 7. “Endtime Hearts” 8. “State Of Trust” 9. “Weight Of The End” 10. “None Becoming” 11. “Immemorial” (bonus track) 12. “Photon Dreams” (bonus track)