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THE RED CHORD Vocalist Checks In With Band Update

July 5, 2004

THE RED CHORD vocalist, Guy Kozowyk, has provided the latest news on the progress of the band’s new record, touring activities, and new drummer, John Longstreth (ex-ORIGIN, ANGELCORPSE):

THE RED CHORD is back in commission! We have been practicing like maniacs to get things finished for the new record and be ready to hit the road again. So finally, we’re hitting the road again in July for just over a month starting with Hellfest and then co-headlining the Radiotakeover Tour with EVERGREEN TERRACE, A LIFE ONCE LOST and FEAR BEFORE THE MARCH OF FLAMES. This will round out our summer and we will be putting the finishing touches on the Clients album for Metal Blade and recording in late September/early October. All the RTO tour dates will be posted soon. We apologize for the lack of a web site. went down about a month ago and we’ve been having a hard time getting it back up and running. The guy who ran our server decided he didn’t want to run a server anymore and it went down pretty abruptly. So in the meantime, for tour dates and all that stuff check out and we’ll try to keep that updated. Our new drummer, John Longstreth just played his first show with us at a small gig last weekend in Providence with our good friends A LIFE ONCE LOST, A PERFECT MURDER, MISERY SIGNALS & WASTEFORM and it went pretty decent. Some kinks since it was our first time out with him, but we’re sure that those will all be ironed out by the time we hit the road next month. Hope to see you all on the road soon.”