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THROWDOWN Complete Work On "Burn" Video

May 18, 2005

THROWDOWNhave completed the video for “Burn,” the first single from the band’s forthcoming new album, Vendetta.

The band worked once again with their close friend Christopher Sims, whose recent credits include LAMB OF GOD, AS I LAY DYING, BLEEDING THROUGH and NORMA JEAN. Sims was also responsible for THROWDOWN’s “Fight Club"-themed “Forever” video.

Sims is an absolute genius and each and every thing he does seems to only improve upon his creative vision by leaps and bounds,” proclaimed singer Dave Peters. “He had so many cool ideas for this thing and we’ve learned to let him run as wild as possible.”

Filmed at various locations in Los Angeles, not far from the band’s Orange County home-turf, the “Burn” clip is filled with fiery pyrotechnics.

“When someone comes near your drum kit with lighter fluid it’s usually time to get nervous,” said drummer Ben Dussault. “But Chris knows what he’s doing, and when I saw Matt’s guitar on fire, I wanted in on the fun, too.”

The band are currently touring Japan, Australia, and New Zealand, where their breakthrough album, Haymaker, was issued through Trustkill/Roadrunner late last year. They will also be part of “Sounds Of The Underground” tour this summer.

Vendetta is due June 28th through Trustkill.