TODAY IS THE DAY Involved in Serious Traffic Accident, Tour Cancelled

Two days ago, TODAY IS THE DAY were involved in a major accident where the band’s tour van was struck by a vehicle in Massachusetts.  Band leader Steve Austin and band merch man Trevor sustained major but non-life threatening injuries and were the only passengers in the van.  The vehicle, band gear, and merch were a complete loss.  The rest of the dates on the current US tour are cancelled.

Here is what Steve Austin had to say:

“At 9:30 PM last night while driving to New York to meet up with our Drummer, our van was struck by an out of control car that had collided with another car. My dear friend and TITD merch man Trevor and I had just left my home in Orland, Maine after a 4 day Thanksgiving break in between tours. We had just completed 50 + Shows since October 7th, both Headlining and Main Support for EYEHATEGOD. Our bTrevor said Look Out! I looked towards the passenger window and saw a car heading in a straight line for the side of our 15 Passenger Van. The car was within 3 feet when he saw it and it nailed us perfectly in the side spinning us around 180 Degrees, followed by flipping the Van UPSIDE DOWN. Trevor and I were thrown super hard inside the Van with Glass bursting all around us, hot transmission fluid pouring down and sparks flying everywhere as the Van was sliding backwards and upside down the Middle of I-495 interstate. I truly felt at that moment that I was going to die…[read more]”

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