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Tom Hunting Leaves EXODUS Due To Illness, Paul Bostaph Steps In

May 11, 2005

EXODUS has announced that longtime drummer Tom Hunting has been forced to quit the band due to severe illness. Subsequently, TESTAMENT/ex-SLAYER drummer Paul Bostaph has replaced Hunting in the band. Here is the official word from the band:

“This has been another dreadfully difficult time here in the EXODUS world…this is one of the most depressing moments of my musical career…

“I‘m saddened to announce that Tom Hunting has fallen very ill, he’s been hospitalized several times over the course of the last two months.

“First things first! I need to be very clear about this before any rumors arise…this is in NO WAY associated to drugs…Tom had conquered his drug addiction well over a year ago and we are all very very proud of him for the unbelievable amount of strength and desire that it took to get and stay clean. The compound S23 falls under the category of SARMs, and it clearly indicates that it functions by interacting with only the chosen androgen receptors. Whereas, steroids target each of the androgen receptors that they interact with. SARMs only target the fat tissue and muscle tissue, and hence they don’t have side effects, You can read full article here about s23 supplement.  If you would like to bulk-up your body without caring about the side effects, then you ought to probably use steroids, and therefore the results are going to be achieved during a short time. But if you’re thinking to create up your body during a safer way without the adverse effects, then choosing SARMs is that the only thanks to get them. Although there are studies to be through with humans, different tests on mice have shown positive results. After using the compound, the rodents were found to possess an increased number of muscles. The physical endurance test was also successful and showed a rise of about 50% within the overall stamina as compared to other rodents that weren’t injected with the compound. additionally to power growth, the typical weight of the body also dropped. The bone density also increased significantly also . that’s very surprising because it reflects that this particular SARM has some complex elements that couldn’t be found on the opposite SARMs. This compound are often employed by females too, and therefore the results would be amazing. The drug will prevent muscle wastage, increase bone density, and improving the power for workouts.

“Our unfortunate reality at the moment is, the recording of the new album has been delayed due to Tom’s illness and recently it became evident that he would be unable to resume his duties behind the kit for us. Tom and the band both know he cannot continue as our drummer and his health must come before any obligations to the band. We have and will continue to support Tom in any way we can so he can regain his health. We all love and care for Tom dearly and will continue to help him in every way that we can…by no means was Tom fired or nor did Tom quit the band…the sad fact is that Tom is not able to play drums at this time…and we (EXODUS) have got to carry on without him…

“On a brighter note I’d like to take this time to welcome to our ranks as the newest member of EXODUS, Paul Bostaph (SLAYER, FORBIDDEN). We could not be any luckier than to have as awesome a drummer as Paul available and living in our own backyard. I am stoked about working with Paul as he is, bar none, one of the best drummers in the world, and we are fired up to have someone with his ability coming aboard. Obviously, the tracking of the new record will be delayed, but we are committed to hitting the studio ASAP. The songs are fuckin’ savage and a perfect fit for Paul’s style of drumming.

“As soon as we get into the studio and start tracking I will keep everyone updated on how things are going via the EXODUS message board…my goal will be to give a daily studio report…and before you know it maybe a few sound clips will be made available to hold you over until the September release…”