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Tracklisting Unveiled for CRYPTOPSY Live Album

February 7, 2003

The Canadian quintet have already begun the writing process for their fifth studio record. To tide fans over, they will release their first-ever live album appropriately titled, None So Live due in the spring through Century Media Records.

Recorded at the Medley in Montreal on June 1st 2002, ‘None So Live’ is the first release to feature new vocalist Martin Lacroix, it contains a mix of old and new material plus a drum solo.

The complete track listing for None So Live is as follows:

1. “Intro
2. “Crown of Horns
3. “White Worms
4. “We Bleed
5. “Open Face Surgery
6. “Cold Hate, Warm Blood
7. “Phobophile
8. “Shroud
9. “Graves of the Fathers
10. Drum Solo
11. “Defenestration
12. “Slit Your Guts