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Two Brand New POISON THE WELL Mp3s Posted

May 13, 2003

Two new mp3s of “Ghostchant” and “Zombies Are Good For Your Health” off of POISON THE WELL’s new album, You Come Before You, are available for download. CONVERGE vocalist, Jacob Bannon was employed for the album’s artwork. It’s set for a July 1st release date through Velvet Hammer/Atlantic Records.

Here’s the tracklisting:
01. “Ghostchant
02. “Loved Ones (Excerpts From Speeches Of How Great You Were. And Will Never Be Again)
03. “For A Bandaged Iris
04. “Meeting Again For The First Time
05. “A) The View From Here Is… B) A Brick Wall
06. “The Realist
07. “Zombies Are Good For Your Health
08. “The Opinionated Are So Opinionated
09. “Apathy Is A Cold Body
10. “Sounds Like The End Of The World
11. “Pleasant Bullet
12. “Crystal Lake